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US Federal Reserve Tests And Approves Ripple - 031

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Text Comments (450)
brian larkin (8 months ago)
have a question about cryptopia can you help
po19721977 (8 months ago)
Do you know how the G-20 summit may affect the crypto prices? As you know France and Germany are going to propose crypto regulations. Please let us know your thoughts.
Anthony Lopilato (8 months ago)
very good
Anita Peng (8 months ago)
can you post a video about Cardano ADA? Appreciate it!
Mr760 (8 months ago)
Hello, I would like to ask, when I register on the Bithumb Exchange & my account is verified, Can I send/transfer my XRP from my Nano S to my verified Bithumb account and sell the XRP on Bithumb for Bitcoin, then send the Bitcoin gained from the sale of my XRP to a Bitcoin wallet or exchange of my choice? Bithumb offers the best rate for XRP, however I'm finding Bithumb difficult to use as not all of the website is in English.
Lucas Antollin (8 months ago)
XRP will be $5 before Friday
Scott Baltimore (8 months ago)
Good call man. It all came to pass.
Scott Germond (8 months ago)
Thank you modern investor for all the knowledge and assistance. You have made learning crypto much easier.
Brainskin (8 months ago)
As of 12/26/17 Ripple is at .99USD
Briceida Beatriz Bulgin (9 months ago)
It did hit $1. Your prediction was correct!!!! I like your excitement.
J Cat (9 months ago)
Thank you very much for your opinion! I have been watching your videos for long time I bought XRP a little over one cent, and then 8 cents and dance around for 16 cents and then 19 for the longest time it top 40 cents and crash to 19 cents, I hodl all this time. Today it is one of my best investments. I am happy to see that it finally hit a dollar. This in only one year. I am planing to take a little of it profit to cover my initial investment. I remember that XRP survive the crashed of cryptsy I withdraw on time sad that my other coins like aurora and few litecoins and I am glad to see that it is one of the fastest coins out there. DGB it's also fast but only time will tell where cryptocurrency will take us. I am sending some dogecoins to you my friend. Thank you!
Tito Diaz (9 months ago)
This is going to be huge Ripple is not in the stockmarket so no regulations. free market.
Tito Diaz (9 months ago)
it at 30 billion market it about to get to 31 billion
Tito Diaz (9 months ago)
This is going to change everything.
Tito Diaz (9 months ago)
Oh my goodness Fed's approve ripple this is huge.
mikemr2turbo16v (9 months ago)
up 260% ty etoro ty
Eric Atienza (9 months ago)
Claudia Barroso (9 months ago)
I am new to cryptocurrency, however, I’m very interested in Ripple and I agree with you their payment system is great. What I’m trying to understand is if I buy XRP I really don’t see how me purchasing the coin Will make me money when their payment system has nothing to do with XRP. On the other hand I know that eventually it will get higher, but the amount of XRP available isn’t it in the billions? If you could explain to me how is it that buying XRP will be profitable? Thanks in advance.
3pezzi (9 months ago)
nice one! i am long time investor so quite happy till today (over +4000% in 2017 is good right? :-) ) even if a bit disappointed from price movement last two months .. anyway i preferred to switch part investing in deeponion because of privacy features, i think anon will be key factor in 2018 for price rise, so i would like to ear your take on this coin
Joe Farrow (9 months ago)
Tired of people talking shit , ripple is way more decentralised than bitcoin is. Do your homework properly fs
Marie Mars (9 months ago)
I'm definitely interested but I'm wondering if you have to pay taxes on it
MrMcbrado (9 months ago)
Why do you feel xrp is stagnating and are you still bullish on it
Reddcoin Group (9 months ago)
Got no fiends do you? LMAO!
Gentleman Hack (9 months ago)
where to buy and sell ripple ?
Ankit Agrwal (10 months ago)
World's best network marketing plan nd reliable payout sytem. Bitcoin to Bitcoin business. Its trade in Bitcoin and give u return triple 100% garenty with in a 40 week surly 8286015537 Call whatsap any time
Colette McDonald (10 months ago)
USMAN AMJAD (10 months ago)
1 bitcoin will never surpass the 100k range even if it takes 20 years, eventually every bubble pops.
Louise hammond (10 months ago)
Coinspot is the best for aussies to buy coins has soooo many on there site...
Louise hammond (10 months ago)
modern investor ! found you all the way down here in Australia ...your intelligent and articulate !!! lov listening to you !! thanks .louise ps ..you dont speak to fast ! dont change ! idiots need to learn to listen .. 😘
Mistress JHolly (10 months ago)
Maybe it is related to Agenda 21 documents?
Jan Vansteenlandt (10 months ago)
Hi there! Have you seen this one already? https://futurism.com/six-banking-giants-have-decided-to-partner-to-create-a-new-cryptocurrency/ I'm not entirely sure if it's really a competitor or Ripple though
Hey modern investor You haven't updated for 3months. I really wanna see how you analyse of ripple? How do we foresee it to be very valuable in the future?
Ranek Inpinewoods (10 months ago)
Oh, ok! 'cus if the Federal Reserv is praising this it must be good! It actually makes it wayy more suspicious to me.
Matthew Venneau (10 months ago)
Whats goin on Modern investor, sorry to spam your videos trying to catch your attention haha. I genuinely feel you should join our discord, we have alot of resources that would be available to you. Alot of day 1 investors and even employees of Ripple are in the discord. This is a legit discord. I hope you consider hopping in and checking it out. Thanks again.
ben phillips (11 months ago)
"red flag" antonym: a "green light"?
Nursemonster (11 months ago)
is using coinbase a good idea vs bittrex or kraken?
Earthbound (11 months ago)
AYPchat (1 year ago)
I am pretty ignorant of ripple. I know a bit from what I have seen but I have a few more questions. 1. Will it compete with visa, mastercard, paypal etc? 2. will ripple mean your customer refund for that faulty product you have purchase will take 4 seconds not the 3 -5 working days?
Sonoma Takova (1 year ago)
1)The ripple working with the banks and the FED it is very good future signal potential for no money 0.22c today :) Investing 4 tires money in ripple it is very good thing !!your 4 tires money is gonna be millions 1 day :))) Do not forgot and keep a eye on NSA/CIA , is gonna beck up the banks,like petrol $ 100% and it is gonna creating so many problems for adder crypto cuteness!!! "Deep state" do't like competition :)) It is war up there !! Regards America;) Slava Russia \0/
Gaurav Vatsa (1 year ago)
Which of the 2 options is better : to invest in XRP on trading platforms - where we don't actually own ripple OR to store XRP in wallets - where we own those coins ? How do you buy XRP directly and store in wallets and sell XRP
Luzaz .com (1 year ago)
is this usa company ?
rwl6935 (1 year ago)
Gaurav Vatsa I use Bitstamp.net
Travis Wolf (1 year ago)
could Ripple and XRP ever be at a bitcoin price of 0ver 4000? say in 5 years? or is that not even possible? I mean Bitcoin started out at a penny or less also.....???? all thoughts welcome and inlighten me. I just ask, cause everyone says Blockchain and XRP are going to be bigger than bitcoin and internet.
The Modern Investor (1 year ago)
I think realistically, in order for ripple to be over $2000 , you would need nearly a couple billion people using their network everyday with millions upon millions of transactions occuring. But, in reality, no one knows what the price could or will be. Bitcoin was less than half a cent at its inception, and people are now predicting a price of $500,000 a coin in 5 years, so anything is possible, especially as more adoption of each coin occurs.
hi (1 year ago)
when you say it's up 3% what does that mean, because it's chanching every day up and down.....
The Modern Investor (1 year ago)
It means that within the last 24 hour period, the price has risen by 3% from its previous valuation just 24 hours before. So if the price is 1000 a coin one day, and i say the price has risen by 3%, it means from the 1000 where it was just 24 hours ago, the current price of the coin is now sitting around 1030
Skyler Hall (1 year ago)
Where can I find the publications that indicate the Fed's interest in Ripple/XRP? Thanks in advance!
Skyler Hall (1 year ago)
Yes, I found it. Thanks for such quick response!
The Modern Investor (1 year ago)
Usually any news from ripple comes directly from their website, if you google "Federal bank ripple" it should be the first or second thing that comes up :)
Mitch van den Akker (1 year ago)
I dont like the federal reserve either but the fact that the banks are going to be trading either way who cares if they use ripple in comparison to paper money, if the blockchain technology has less inflation then traditional paper money thats a possitive step in my eyes.
The Crypto Jihadist (1 year ago)
BCH seems to be doing a little better now.
Chris Collier (1 year ago)
The bank of England is testing Ripple as well
ravi varma (1 year ago)
Can we invest on ripples today ???????
Shawn Bates (1 year ago)
I invested during the 90's tech boom and this isn't even close to that..I read an article from this guy on TheStreet.com. He's even older than me but he doesn't seem to get it. This technology and run up is so small and infant compared to when the CME and the CBOE allow the futures market to open up. Then if the middle class investors that use Fidelity and TDAmeritrade are allowed in, this train won't have their next stop until way way down the line..But we will have massive swings and everyone will think it's over, but the 90's tech boom lasted about a decade...Even though bitcoin came out in about a decade ago, the new alt coins market is just a few years old..it's nothing compared to that
Frederick Dorsey (1 year ago)
Shawn Bates Thanks for the insight. I remember the dot.com boom when I was a kid. I could envision the future of the internet. The only drawback was that I was only 11, and too young to open a trading account. Now, it feels like this will be dotcom 2.0.
Archie Johnson (1 year ago)
awesome research! I too followed up on this prior top watching your video and Agree... the FED is "in on it" IMHO... gonna be big!
deerick bibles (1 year ago)
What's the best way to invest in ripple what exchange is the most secure
arisoda (9 months ago)
deerick bibles litebit.eu is pretty good. And it supports a lot more coins
Fritz Gobery_Inc (1 year ago)
You should try Kraken, it's based in the US and works with little fees
Selcuk TOPAL (1 year ago)
I have 2000 ripple, should I buy more?
Mobian King (1 year ago)
CORION is the Future..
Ray Anderson (1 year ago)
Fuck ripple Buy bitcoin Avoid the fucking banks
Claudia Z (1 year ago)
Should that not be a concern that the FED is involved?
milinm (1 year ago)
The opposite of red flag is green flag. Lol.
ZoneTwelve (1 year ago)
No one cares about Ripple the centralized coin that can be created to infinity opposed to honest decentralized block chains. Ripple defeats the purpose of having block chain technology in the first place.
ZoneTwelve (1 year ago)
Good point
Fineonee (1 year ago)
ZoneTwelve coins that can be created to infinity? So burn a majority of xrp and then fork in xrp cash? Is this an acceptable way of increasing volume?
The Modern Investor (1 year ago)
There are only 100 billion ripple, 33 billion of which are actually circulated, no more will be created, actually, a small amount of ripple are destroyed when transactions happen. The point of blockchains are to increase transparency and to help in solving fraud when it comes to transactions, which is exactly what ripple does between banks
hayate butler (1 year ago)
i have very very bad news for ripple holders i have read the white paper and its not good news at all xrp tokens will not be used to transfer value they are just ledgers that will be communicating in the network the can use other tokens also and ignore xrp if they please. get out while you can guys , oh also this is just xrp is just token its not a real cryptocurrency its not even a blockchain.
Uncle Pecos (1 year ago)
Pay attention.....do they wanna use XRP??? Ripple & XRP are two totally different things. We all got use to calling Ripple...XRP when it's NOT.
Shelley Pfeiffer (1 year ago)
IF the Federal Reserve is talking about it, they must see some potential to benefit, hopefully not like our fiat. Don't like that the banks are behind it, but won't stop me from profiting from it.
Shelley Pfeiffer (1 year ago)
Come on now, in this world I would rather accumulate and share, than let those greedy bastards at the IRS and FED have my money or choose I share it with.
The Modern Investor (1 year ago)
Thats my motto with ripple, if the big boys are going to make a buck from it, ill make sure to do the same
Oliver Williams (1 year ago)
What a coincidence of all the decentralized crypto currencies out there the Fed approves the one that is CENTRALIZED,, that they own and can control, and their approval is supposed to mean something?
Fred Johnson (1 year ago)
Exchanges,,Bitfinex as I can make money on my coins sitting there.
Kristin Considine (1 year ago)
This is trash fuk the banks... what is even the point of this video.... Illuminati confirmed.
Trisha Ellis (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing this information, THIS IS HUGE! It tells the tale Crypto is not going away. Any idea on who can teach how to trade crypto's on the exchange etherdelta?
iGOTdis22 Sandwich (1 year ago)
people were saying "at best it will be 1$" when ethereum was worth cents. I feel people are extremely underestimating more then overestimating strangely enough
JimineyCricket (1 year ago)
Again why is it a problem that banks are using them. Finance brings growth and jobs. It also allows houses to be built and bought. Ripple will be a giant because it is valuable to giants. To those who hate Ripple have you thought through your position.
Schmonkee Shomky (1 year ago)
JimineyCricket I wish you the best of luck predicting a stable market.
JimineyCricket (1 year ago)
Doesnt matter, Im not putting money down for entertainment as long as there is money to be made. Stable means predictability which means I can study charts and make money. It also means a good store of wealth and good for business. So this looks like a sound investment irrespective of whether i get my kicks or not. Personally id rather watch netflix to be entertained and crypto for money.
Schmonkee Shomky (1 year ago)
JimineyCricket stable or uninteresting?
JimineyCricket (1 year ago)
I dont think they need the Feds to do this Pwoopo. Look at the crypto market. You can see prices are being manipulated by groups/individuals. eg Chain coin. BTC, BCC. People dont really trust the crypto market either. We have faceless and nameless people controlling large portions of the market. If anything Ripple has been the most stable so far despite all the bluster.
Schmonkee Shomky (1 year ago)
JimineyCricket because the Fed will do anything to keep the dollar propped up. That includes raising ripple, then nuking it to try and get people to lose faith in crypto
stripcook (1 year ago)
bitcoin needs to crash bad for ripple to triumph....will happen!
Jojezi (1 year ago)
Seriously! "I don't touch Xrp because its a centralized bankster coin" well first of its not centralized, anyone can run a ledger. Where for example BTC is heavily controlled by the large mining farms. Secondly, talking about heavy bank adoption of coins, who do you think are the largest investors in most of the coins. Not you and me at least! We are not Moving millions of dollars or increasing market cap with 20 trillion dollars over a couple of days. Nothing is truly decentralized today and will most likely nerver be. Btc is as revolutionary as the telephone but imho, its not the "iphone". To be a bit doomsdayisch. As long as any agreed value of payment only exist digitally, it doesnt truly exist. Remove electricity and you wiped out any possibility to exist!
AlwaysReason (1 year ago)
XRP isn't limited. They can inflate and deflate at will. This means that there is almost no scenario in which they follow BTC trajectory.
AlwaysReason (1 year ago)
Well, short term x10 is not that terrible.
Shelley Pfeiffer (1 year ago)
Exactly. Short term gain, nothing that will be long term adn a store of value.
AlwaysReason (1 year ago)
It's not a reason to not buy; it will very likely grow. 1-5$ is totally reasonable, for example. It's just that it won't be like BTC, since it's a different animal.
Shelley Pfeiffer (1 year ago)
That and the FED thing is why I haven't bought any yet. Whenever the FED is involved manipulation comes in, and with it not being limited you know those greedy bastards will screw with it any way they can.
Submarine Veteran (1 year ago)
It won't be Ripple it will be Bancor, they choose that name many years ago due to the economist who apparently theorised one world currency called what? Fucking Bancor I kid you not look it up
Oli (1 year ago)
Bancor idea is fantastic but seems that anyone can write a simple contract on ethereum that can do the same thing .. no need to have a full ICO for it .. I am not sure Bancor has a real value on its own.
Loki Wizard (1 year ago)
Can someone explain to me one thing? Every time I buy a coin and make money where is it coming from? Is cryptocurrency creating more money like banks? Sorry this might be a silly question but, I just don't understand where is the profits coming from?
Shelley Pfeiffer (1 year ago)
Kinda like the value of anything. It only has the value someone is willing to pay for it. (just my opinion) For me as a female a tie has no value except if I buy it for my male counterpart or son. Just like a bra has no value to them. :)
Bill and Grace (1 year ago)
In the Stock market, you're buying shares of a company...What do you own in this case? Buying ripple...
Loki Wizard (1 year ago)
So it's legal stealing of other peoples money?
Robbie Rogers (1 year ago)
In theory, it's the same principle as the stock market. The stock market exists to match sellers with buyers. At the end of the day, the price of any particular stock is based on supply and demand dynamics (how many shares were bought and how many shares were sold). In other words, your profits are coming from the altcoin buyer on the other side of the transaction. If everyone in the world sold their altcoins at the same time, then the price would plummet dramatically. What we are seeing today is the effects of the popularity of cryptocurrency and a healthy investment demand from people around the world.
Andrew Gorsic (1 year ago)
bitcoin halving man, come on get with it.
Selebrity 152 (1 year ago)
2020 is the next bitcoin halving that's the big deal. Price increase tends to follow
avocado seller (1 year ago)
i think cryptocoins is not a direct enemy of the banks, they can and will live together
Peter Szumi (1 year ago)
Green Flag lol
William Keenan (1 year ago)
Half of your videos are you bragging about how you called ripple when it was under a penny and your palatal clicks. While all of the other coins have rebounded to be back at their highs ripple is about 50% of its former cry it's not going anywhere too many coins out there $10 is a long long long time away if ever too much competition
dazhibernian (1 year ago)
Cancel the moon. Reroute to next galaxy.
Shelley Pfeiffer (1 year ago)
You laugh about that, but I did see someone state that the solar eclipse that is happening on August 21 is a bad day for it, cuz alot of kids are going back to school that day, and asked if they could do it another day. ;) I am sure that person is part of the percentage that doesn't know about crypto
cryptomaniac (1 year ago)
red flag or green light....
joyumn will (1 year ago)
green light! ;)
Will Collins (1 year ago)
I'm gonna wait till 2020. Like you said that's the year for Ripple. You don't want to tie up your Bitcoin on the Ripple train just yet.
Learning FPV (1 year ago)
Its owned by banks, so why would people interested in cryptocurrency owned by banks as interesting? Banks is what screwing our economy.
Learning FPV (1 year ago)
+The Modern Investor because I believe a freemarket currency will do much better than one controlled by banks. But we'll see, I'm not that trusting of the banks. But I do believe if there is a market crash, maybe people who don't trust crypto, may find it easier to trust ripple. Who knows. 😉
The Modern Investor (1 year ago)
The main idea is, the banks control it, and will also be able to control the price. Banks wont buy something for 0.17 cents and leave it at that amount. If the corrupt people of the world can profit from something, why shouldnt everyone else?
John Yap (1 year ago)
Where should i store Ripple?
C N (1 year ago)
BCash rose to $370... good call!
K J (1 year ago)
Golem or Ripple?
Michelle London (11 months ago)
K J totally different coins
Kaybe23 (1 year ago)
Well the problem with ripple is the supply. 38 billion in circulation. and 100 billion max supply. So 1 $ maybe ...but not 10$ Think of the marketcap... Ok, banks should have enough money. Especially Central banks But It is not an store of value isnt it? It is not an bad investment. Get it in your portfolio. But dont take it seriously as an cryptocoin. Ripple will used to transact Fiat currency as I know
Jack Y (1 year ago)
I bought Ripples so I can take money from the bankers when they pump up their price.
Fat Man (8 months ago)
27 dec and it´s @ 1,31 usd. You can bet i´m still buying. Cornflakes for new year.... lobster and steak in June/July...
Johnathan Howard (1 year ago)
Money Math (1 year ago)
Ozzy Logano $ame here
The Shogun (1 year ago)
Fuck ripple, and fuck the fed
Ante Starčević (1 year ago)
This is horrible! People we need to get away from federal reserve and not play with them. The point of blockchain technology is to have decentralized system and not improving on centralized system. They are done!
Shahriar Ahmed (1 year ago)
2020..!!! Alien contact - NWO - quantum computer?
none (1 year ago)
The Royal Family especially the Queen herself eats plenty of children, its well documented 13-14 kids in one class in Canada they visited and took photos with went missing ended up on her plate. Their parents are still battling the courts to incriminate the tax evading Royal Zionist carnivore pedos. Reptilians are old news, they just have very evolved R-complex and their occult thrives on the blood of Goyim Children, you can find that in the Kabalah and Talmud scriptures, they are a blood letting occult and want their hands on crypto market asap.
none (1 year ago)
they are here, modern investor is one of their minions ;]
The Modern Investor (1 year ago)
Im pretty sure all of that will happen, 2020 seems like such a significant number.... the aliens have be visiting us by then
Achwaq Khalid (1 year ago)
Approved by the *banksters* = one more reason for me to stay away from it #CaseClosed 🔨 🔨 🔨
Chrishaad Gibson (1 year ago)
No one's interested in a centralized coin (yet). It doesn't matter how good their software is, trust is the most important aspect of crypto. I don't see Ripple going up anytime soon. #Bearish
typelogin (8 months ago)
hows that working out for you?
Mike Crooks (10 months ago)
This is just a different use of the block chain. yes it's centralized but who is to say this manifestation will not work. For 200 bucks+/- and a thousand coins. its a no brainer
Fred Johnson (1 year ago)
So are Capricoin. and are POS- also the way ETH are going. IOTA are not a Blockchain- they use a system called Tangle!!
Verfassungs schutz (1 year ago)
The Modern Investor people are misguided trough butthurttalk reddit and all the other shitshow posts and lies about xrp. lmao. fill your bags as long as the banks havent decided wich price tag they put on ripple
Jeff C (1 year ago)
Thanks for video. I'm still trying to understand the true value of XRP vs. the Ripple software itself. Lets say all banks start using Ripple. Couldn't they apply Bitcoin or another currency to the software and not use XRP for transfers? I just feel Bitcoin has such a upper hand in this, that bitcoin would be used firs. Unless I'm missing something completely.
Kyle Hardwick (10 months ago)
BTC has super slow transactions
Jeff C (1 year ago)
Thanks! Now I'm some of the dots are connecting.
dazhibernian (1 year ago)
The Modern Investor I read when Eth activates 'raiden' they'll be able to do 1mill trans per SECOND
gofukursef (1 year ago)
The Modern Investor, ripple is allegedly capable of 70k transactions per second.
The Modern Investor (1 year ago)
well part of the underlying problem is the speed of bitcoin, currently we have a max of maybe around 12 transactions per second. while ripple is capable of 1,000 per second, putting it around 60,000 a minute or just around where mastercard and visa are. This is the reason for its popularity. Bitcoin might have the price, but the speed just isnt there for "real world" use.
Eric Smith (1 year ago)
Hey I love and watch all your videos but I KEEP hearing about how banks wont support XRP. Just ripples network. Therefore price of XRP wont shoot up. How do you feel about all this?
giorgi geo (1 year ago)
hi. what do you think about ripple? its price will be up?
David Ekstrom (1 year ago)
How the fuck is the stock for Ripple not going absolutely insane right now?, while Ethereum is like skyrocketing..What the FUCK does Ethereum even really do? Smart Contracts for Vaccum Cleaners? alright....what the fuck is a smart contract anyways?...At least with Ripple, their service is straight forward....Banks, Money, Faster, Boom, Done...You are mental if your not investing in something that manages TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS....I feel like I'm taking crazy pills, seeing the stock at 17 Cents....People are so dumb, they spend all day buying shit on Amazon, and say to themselves "Meh, I just bought fidget spinner on Amazon and it took seconds for the payment to go through" ...." Yeah, but dummy, are you a large financial institution sending billions of dollars to another country?"
David Ekstrom (1 year ago)
sending money takes long because of intermediaries. When you can get confirmations on the network by multiple people simultaneously, it happens MUCH quicker...
David Ekstrom (1 year ago)
2020 will be the year that the average persons car is either a Lamborghini or a Ferrari because they invested in Ripple :-)
gary roach (1 year ago)
2020 bitcoin halving
1fas1984z28 (1 year ago)
That means it sucks
ren (1 year ago)
Still having a hard time buying ripple. Need to find an exchange that accepts payment from bank account rather than Bitcoin or foreign currency
Jojezi (1 year ago)
EGELIN1976 (1 year ago)
Don't trust the government...

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