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Cross-Border Payments with Ripple

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Examining a new banking reality with distributed payment technology. Produced by Alec Liu.
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Fo So (7 months ago)
This narrator sounds annoying. Maybe it’s the audio idk.
Nelson Tombolini (1 year ago)
thanks for sharing!!!a really good explanation
Adam Ph (2 years ago)
Decided to buy some ripples, Never again. Cost me $120 aud to send gatehub a wire transfer 0f $500 aud because they bank in some obscure country. ( so they can enjoy a tax haven at our expense). They even had the cheek to charge me their banks wire fees also.... Ripple accounts claim 200 000 funded accounts so a couple hundred thousand times $100 aud per account in wire fees has deposited a fortune to the banking system, via the way of ridiculous wire transfer fees. A bank transfer is the only way to fund an account unless you have bitcoins. Way to go. Funniest thing was they said free transfer to usd. Their bank used the shittest exchange rate and screwed me further. Forget sending money too these scumbags.
P (8 months ago)
How do you feel about this comment 1 year later when transactions now cost 0,00001% fee and are sent within 5 seconds? + price rose by like 50.000%.
Fl Stuff11 (1 year ago)
Trade with bitcoins like every logical person does

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