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CGRemote - remote mining control for cgminer and bfgminer

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CGRemote - Remote Miner Control (Preview - in beta) http://www.minerremote.com (watch at 720p for best quality) CGRemote is a remote mining control application that allows you to monitor and control all of your miners from one computer. It works with any miners using cgminer or bfgminer, and has additional features for miners also running CGWatcher. The video demonstrates some of its capabilities as of beta version 1.0.5.Ultimately CGRemote will have all of the features of CGWatcher, and then additional features for applying changes to selected miners in one click. Examples of what CGRemote can do: - Start, restart, and stop mining. - Switch profiles, also create, modify, rename, delete profiles. - Create, edit, and delete config files. - Navigate the filesystem of the mining computer. - Switch selected miners to a specific coin. - Create new profiles and push out to selected miners in one click. - Get a list of running processes on the miner with the ability to kill processes. - Launch programs or check if a program is running. - Open, save, and delete files on the mining computer. - Change CGWatcher settings. - Get miners' scheduled actions, and also create, edit, delete scheduled actions. - Schedule actions on CGRemote which are then ran on specified miners when triggered. - Get miners' variables, as well as create, edit, and delete variables. - These things can all be done to one miner, all miners, or only the miners you select. In the video: The color of the miner is determined by the temperature of its hottest device. Unavailable miners are gray (the hostname was intentionally incorrect on one to demonstrate this), inactive miners are white (CGWatcher is running but the miner isn't.) Row and grid view allow you to view the miners according to your preference. You can also open individual miner windows, each of which can be customized with colors and will remember its size and location. Each miner's devices are listed in its window, and a master list of all devices is also shown. Adding a miner allows specifying IP address or hostname. An option is also in development to automatically detect miners on a local network. The Test Connection allows you to check that the miner is configured correctly, and if not gives information to help narrow down where the problem is. Refreshing can be done manually or automatically at set intervals. Each miner can have its own interval. There is also an option to use a different interval for unavailable miners, and an option to use a different interval for all miners when the computer CGRemote is running on becomes idle (so reduce refreshes while you may not be watching CGRemote). When communicating with cgminer or bfgminer directly, the computer running CGRemote must be in the allowed API group as set when the miner is launched (e.g. api-allow W: When communicating with CGWatcher, a common passkey the user creates and sets in both programs is used to authenticate commands and prevent unauthorized users from changing miner settings (like pool). Messages are then encrypted and compressed using this passkey, allowing for up to 80% reduction in message size. More videos to come, this video demonstrates basic functionality and is just a small sample of its capabilities. CGRemote is currently in closed beta and accepting new testers. More information is available at http://www.minerremote.com
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Alex Schamenek (4 years ago)
You didn't teach us anything. All you did was roam around the user interface showing us buttons and features at random. Next time you do a video, please have a plan. Write a script if you have to. Make it informative.
James Jack (4 years ago)
I hope some VC has the resources available to see what you are doing and perhaps venture fund Myne to propel your work forward. I'm enjoying following your development and the development of your software, CGRemote. Along with CGRemote I think you expand and strengthen the concept of neutrality and ubiquity for mining operations. I bet one day you will have a package that can be downloaded and installed on any Windows machine and it will automatically configure the machine for mining for even the least technically enabled person. Keep the dream alive.
SnowLeopard84 (4 years ago)
hmmm 7900 series at Intensity 13 must be 7970/7990... but at only 450khs per gpu? O_o i didnt watch the whole vid but i am left perplexed.
Unity101 (4 years ago)
It's been quite a long time, is it going to be released any time soon?
Kai MCSquare (4 years ago)
Matthew Overton (4 years ago)
Just started checking it out this morning, can not wait to have it start talking to my boxes. So far no luck but just getting started and already like what I see.
Matthew Overton (4 years ago)
Amazed already made a few corrections to setup and it had no problem taking over for my scripts. Still need a way of auto rebooting on hang but looks like I will be using this tool for awhile.
Nilo Moriconi (4 years ago)
that is very very slow!
Clay Hagwood (4 years ago)
I'd take 45Mh/s mining script anyday... not a bad farm 96 7900 series cards

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