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Principles of Network Security and Cryptography

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In this video tutorial we study the basic principles of Network security and also see the concept of Cryptography by understanding a basic example. Principles of Network Security to be discussed in this video are as follows: Confidentiality Authentication Integrity Non-repudiation Access Control Availability We will also learn the concept of Cryptography in this tutorial. Here's the definition of Cryptography: Cryptography is the art of achieving security by encoding messages to make them non-readable This video is a continuation of the previous video so make sure you check that video as well so that you get to know some basics of Network security. Download the FREE Network Security App on Google Playstore for Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.intelisenze.networksecuritytutorials Simple Snippets on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/simplesnippets/ Simple Snippets on Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/simplesnipp... Simple Snippets Google Plus Page- https://plus.google.com/+SimpleSnippets Simple Snippets email ID- simplesnippetsinfo@gmail.com Download my FREE Network Security Android App - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.intelisenze.networksecuritytutorials For Classroom Coaching in Mumbai for Programming & other IT/CS Subjects Checkout UpSkill Infotech - https://upskill.tech/ UpSkill is an Ed-Tech Company / Coaching Centre for Information Technology / Computer Science oriented courses and offer coacing for various Degree courses like BSc.IT, BSc.CS, BCA, MSc.IT, MSc.CS, MCA etc. Contact via email /call / FB /Whatsapp for more info email - upskillinfotech@gmail.com We also Provide Certification courses like - Android Development Web Development Java Developer Course .NET Developer Course Check us out on Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google etc Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/upskillinfotech/ Insta page - https://www.instagram.com/upskill_infotech/ Google Maps - https://goo.gl/maps/vjNtZazLzW82
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Text Comments (48)
samrin burunkar (1 month ago)
Nice understandable vedio but background voice much more louder nd what u speak is too fast
Simple Snippets (1 month ago)
Sorry for the inconveniences. In further videos of network security I have not kept any background music. 😊 And have also tried to slow my speed ✌️
Sonali ghoshal (1 month ago)
Background music Disturbed lot plz remove it in further videos Not required music while studying Your voice is much better than any music Thank you sir
Simple Snippets (1 month ago)
Yes Sonali, m working on NS videos only 😊😋
Sonali ghoshal (1 month ago)
Explanation n content awesome hai Sir.... Plz make further more videos on the same if time permits...
Simple Snippets (1 month ago)
Yes yes this was one of my very first videos so I didn't know about how to make educational videos. But yes in further videos there is no background music. ✌️😋 Thank you for the feedback and also compliment about my voice ✌️😇
Adarsha Palwe (4 months ago)
music band kar bhai, kaun padte huye music chalata h?
Simple Snippets (4 months ago)
Sorry for the inconvenience. This was a one of my very first videos so muje itna idea nai tha. Although in my further videos I have not kept the background music.
Nikael Cabrera (5 months ago)
You need subtitles. No offense.
Simple Snippets (5 months ago)
Agreed ✌️ even playing the background music wasn't a good idea. Since it was I've of my very first videos on the channel I didn't have much of an experience 😅✌️
Vaishali Chaudhari (5 months ago)
Information is good and very useful as a beginner...... but the background music is irritating, not able to concentrate..... try to lower down the volume of background music
Simple Snippets (5 months ago)
Yes I did get that suggestion a lot. Have tried to not use background music in further videos ✌️
pragya vyas (6 months ago)
really music is irritating 🔕
Simple Snippets (6 months ago)
Yeah I'm sorry for this. I realized it later so in future videos I haven't used any music. ✌️
Sathish THAIURI (8 months ago)
videos are very informative, but background music giving hard time to focus. So please keep background music either mute or keep it very low level.
Simple Snippets (8 months ago)
Thank you so much for this recommendation and yes I have muted the music in further videos. :-)
sakthivel ss (9 months ago)
i want this ppt sir send me plss... contect this e-mail sakthivelthala1995@gmail.com
Spiritual Masturbation (9 months ago)
Simple Snippets (9 months ago)
+sonu kumar thank you very much 😇✌ do share the videos with your friends and contacts 😊
ROHIL ABDUL (11 months ago)
Plz skip thi music next time ,Ty For info 😊
ROHIL ABDUL (11 months ago)
Ty bhai helpful For me .
Simple Snippets (11 months ago)
+ROHIL ABDUL yes yes all these topics will be covered on the channel soon ✌ do subscribe to the channel so that you get notified when we upload these videos. Also it will be helpful if you share the channel and videos with your friends and contacts and share the knowledge ✌😇 one again, thank you for your suggestion and positive support 😇
ROHIL ABDUL (11 months ago)
Make video on Software engineering,network securities,e commerc,java
Simple Snippets (11 months ago)
+ROHIL ABDUL hello buddy. Thank you very much for the positive response and it's great that you liked this video. Do share it with your friends and contacts 😇
Poonam SR (1 year ago)
The background music is sometimes louder than what you say. Request to balance that. Thanks
Simple Snippets (1 year ago)
Yes, we have not included the audio music in further videos
pradeep kumar (1 year ago)
Good one brother, gaining some valid information's from your video. Keep going.
Simple Snippets (1 year ago)
+pradeep kumar hey hi, I don't really know about this detail re. You'll have to Google it out. ✌
pradeep kumar (1 year ago)
can you tell me within how many days/month we can get CCSA certified
Simple Snippets (1 year ago)
+pradeep kumar thank you so much pradeep. Your positive feedback means a lot. Do share the video with your friends and contacts 😊 ✌
Gan Chicago (1 year ago)
Good explanation 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Simple Snippets (1 year ago)
+Chidam Kandaswamy thank you so much. Really happy to hear positive response
Ritu Kumari (1 year ago)
music is very irritating, nic lecture
Simple Snippets (1 year ago)
+Ritu Kumari hello, yes we have removed the audio in further videos. Thank you for your suggestion and comment ✌😊
Noor Rehman (1 year ago)
excellent sir
Simple Snippets (1 year ago)
+Noor Rehman thank you so much for the positive response ✌😊
Dainius Simanavičius (1 year ago)
Tom is evil
Simple Snippets (1 year ago)
+Dainius Simanavičius 😅✌
Sameer Bhale (1 year ago)
Great video brother....!!! thank you so much ...:)
Simple Snippets (1 year ago)
+Sameer Bhale hey Sameer thanks for the compliment buddy. It's really nice to hear from you. Do share the video with your friends and contacts 😊
impossible hacks (1 year ago)
good explanation..but background music is disctracting!!
Simple Snippets (1 year ago)
Hello, Sorry for the inconvenience. We have learned our lessons and have not included any background music in further tutorials.
warrior race (2 years ago)
video is good but the music is irritating ...cant concentrate ...
Simple Snippets (2 years ago)
Hello, Really appreciate your suggestion and we have taken it into consideration in our further tutorials. We've reduced the background music volume to very low. Thank you for this advice. really appreciate suggestions and tips from our users so that we can keep improving our video tutorials and content.
Akash Kumar Roy (2 years ago)
by d way excellent effort.
Deepa Deeps (9 months ago)
Akash Kumar Roy huu
Akash Kumar Roy (2 years ago)
kindly reduce vol of background music. It distracts the viewers.
Simple Snippets (2 years ago)
Hello, Thank you very much for this suggestion and we'll surely take care about the background music volumes in future videos :)

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