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In this video I discuss the boom of crypto currencies, how to get started with altcoins such as Ripple, Tron, ReddCoin as well as sharing some basic knowledge on the topic on how YOU can get started. ------------------------------------------ ★★ SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/Xidgy9 ★★
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Paul Miller (8 months ago)
Ripple is a banker coin. Banks control a nation's money, and whoever controls the money makes the rules. Banks fund wars, control the economy, interfere with free markets, support centralization, and freeze accounts. Cryptos like bitcoin promise to end this non-sense. Ripple is undermining that promise. Cryptos have the potential to end the banking system and governments. If we can end these unnecessary evils, invasion of privacy will end, extortion (legalized theft of your money) will end, and freedom will explode. Ripple has the potential to kill these goals. Please think twice before investing in something that can work against you and everyone else.
Paul Thomas (8 months ago)
scam dude, straight pump lol :)
Brian Robben (8 months ago)
I bought some Ripple in 2017 and it's been good to me so far! Solid video bro ✌🏼
Anthony Mastellone (8 months ago)
Brian Robben Thank you! And yes me too! bought in at $0.26 :)
Israel MV (8 months ago)
Bought some Tron lol
Anthony Mastellone (8 months ago)
Israel MV actually bought a bunch more Tron today during the dip! Lol
ZaZa.movie. movie (8 months ago)
Aeron (ARN) in the skyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy now
Israel MV (8 months ago)
Did you sell your Rippel investment?
Israel MV (8 months ago)
Anthony Mastellone thanks, I bought some at .70 cents . lets see how high can go. All the best
Anthony Mastellone (8 months ago)
Israel MV nope! Still holding in hopes of the Coinbase addition to inflate the price
Steely33 (8 months ago)
Have you checked out cloud coin yet
Steely33 (8 months ago)
Anthony Mastellone https://cloudcoinexchange.ch/
Anthony Mastellone (8 months ago)
Steely33 yet to do so!

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